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Greetings, and welcome to The Layman’s Perch!  As a lifelong reader, I simply love the written word. In today’s frenetic world, it often seems as if no one has the time anymore for the written word. With the explosion of content available with just a few taps of the keys, or the touchscreen, visual images and videos capture and delight the attention.

But like an aging woman who never sees the lines on her face when she looks at herself in her mind’s eye, the beauty of the written word will never fade for me.  So I come to the comfortable confines of The Perch to write.

A reader may notice the lack of a coherent theme here at The Perch.  Sometimes it is fiction, sometimes it is satire, and hopefully sometimes it is funny.  Just like in some long-running love affairs, one can never predict the twists and turns, and the ups and downs.  I have considered organizing my writing into some semblance of order, but it seems like whenever the urge to write strikes me, what I want to write about cannot be so tidily categorized.

I have long yearned to write creatively, and the most common piece of advice for a burgeoning writer suggests, if you want to be a writer then write.  So I come here to The Perch to write.  Hopefully, if I write enough, eventually I will find my voice.

Thank you for stopping by The Layman’s Perch.  I hope you enjoy your stay.


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