Dawn of a New Day

Posted in January 2012 at 7:52 pm by The Layman

The morning sun rises outside the window behind me while I toil at my desk.  The fresh light peeks through the window blinds and arrays itself in a jagged splash along the wall to my right, like the glow from a streetlamp on the wall of a dark office in a classic noir film.

Looking at the pattern on the wall, I cannot stop my mind from wandering.

I wonder what predicament befalls our hero.  Faced with a wheelbarrow full of rotten choices, which path will he choose? And when will our heroine reveal herself? Will she present our hero with a way out, or will she simply further complicate his plight?

Then I reach behind me and slam the blinds shut. Because the glare from the awakened sun on the computer monitor washes out my document, and really hurts my eyes.

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