Late Night Dash to the Grocery Store

Posted in September 2009 at 3:50 pm by The Layman

Hopscotch is a child’s game.  But last night I played it with the focus and perseverance of a professional as I made my way across the parking lot in the driving rain.

Hop, splash.

Hop, hop, splash.

The aim was not to avoid the puddles; it was to step where the water was shallowest.  My umbrella seemed to vanish in the face of the relentless downpour, but I clung to it like a vestigial limb.

Hop, splash.

Hop, hop, splash.

Finally, with a final hop I jumped onto the curb and closed my umbrella, putting it out of its misery.  I grinned as I walked into the grocery store, my flip-flops heavy with water, my pants soaked to the knee.  Because a pizza party is not complete without ice cream.  And ice cream cannot be enjoyed without a cake cone.


Summer Thunderstorm

Posted in September 2009 at 2:21 pm by The Layman

The clouds boil in a cauldron of ominous black and indifferent gray.  I wait anxiously at the final traffic light, assessing my chances of beating the imminent downpour.  I pull into my parking space, and exit briskly to the cadence of the booms echoing across the looming sky.  I scamper through the door, as large drops of rain begin to paint the asphalt behind me.